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Management software for Travel Agencies

Manage your travel agency from the web

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Awards of the program of management of travel agency and publications in press

Travel Agencies management and accounting software.

Accessible from any device

All you need is an Internet connection
  Accessible from anywhere

To be on top of everything that happens in the agency.


Forget having to purchase additional licences
  Multi-User and Multi-Office

Possibility of entering with several users. Possibility of configuring several offices

Automated backups

We copy your data so that we can recover it in the event of a loss of information.
  Free Technical Support.

We do not make a business out of your problems; we are here to help you solve them.

Free training

There are video tutorials and manuals where you will be able to learn everything you may need to know.
  Free Unique Password.

Access to wholesalers without inserting any passwords.

Savings for your company

Save money without compromising what you really need with Siturweb..
  Recommended by Administration Offices

Platform endorsed by AQSERVICES. No. 1 Administration Office specialised in accounting for travel agencies.

Customer Intranet

Your customers will have access to all their documents from anywhere.
  Collections by POS terminals and generation of SEPA files

Generation of SEPA files for bank transfers
Payment emails with a link to your virtual POS terminal.

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