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Awards of the program of management of travel agency and publications in press

SITURWEB article published on

Taking a walk on the beach, in the countryside or in the living room. Any place is good to work, it only makes lacking a device that has internet access. The company Adcore has designed a management tool for travel agencies that runs entirely in the cloud. Your name: Siturweb. Home Home Since it was put into operation two years ago, more than 600 businesses already use it. "It is the first program of administration and accounting specifically for travel agencies that has no possibility of installing in a computer", says its director and founding partner of this company from Avila. "It harnesses all the resources of the network and is a true technological revolution in the sector, both for the price and for the advantages it offers over its competitors," he adds. [...]

SITURWEB receives the KPMG-El Confidential award for good business practices in the Digitization category.

The first edition of the KPMG-El Confidencial awards has valued the work carried out by Adcore Desarrollo y Comunicación, a firm that has as part of its Siturweb business, a cloud accounting program for travel agencies.

The "fat" awards of this first edition have fallen into 14 companies in the categories of "innovation", "digitization", "internationalization", "job creation" and "eco-efficiency". National level and even international as Iberdrola and Zeltia, Rastreator. Com, Mapfre and Tui Travel Accommodation & Destinations, FCC or Seur.

Siturweb receives the award from the Secretary of State of Commerce Jaime Garcia Legaz, director of ElConfidencial Nacho Cardero and John Scott president of KPMG Spain
SITURWEB article published on

The program Siturweb, developed by Adcore, includes all the necessary functionalities for the management of the travel agency as well as several marketing tools that help the retailer in their day to day such as: loyalty points, offer generator, sending mailing and sms's.

This agency management program runs entirely in the cloud. Siturweb has consolidated in a few years as one of the leaders in its sector since in a short time a team of eight people has gone on to manage more than 1,000 agencies.

In addition, the system, which stands out for its simplicity, is gradually incorporating new functionalities such as: import Amadeus, Traveltool, Bedsonline, solole, EuroBoys and five other wholesalers. [...]

Article about the new version of SITURWEB published in

The management program for travel agencies developed by Adcore, Siturweb, which has more than 1,200 retailers, has been renewed with a new version.

Siturweb, is a solution that takes advantage of SaaS as a concept, but also as a philosophy. It is not just about taking a physical program to the cloud but taking advantage of the cloud to create a program.[...]

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